'She Whispers' Womens Group


We all have an inner voice, an intuition, a higher self. 
Whatever you want to call it, your soul is in there and she's there to guide you towards living your best, most authentic life.
The problem is, we live with a lot of noise. Business, society's expectations, social media along with hundreds of self limiting beliefs that dictate the way we behave and live our life.

The benefits of daily journalling are well documented however for most people, there is initial resistance.
“What do I write? I feel I have nothing to say? I did it for two days and stopped? I need to get into the habit!" 
It's easy to buy ourselves a beautiful journal, even gift it to friends, nieces, mothers and daughters. We all have the best of intentions wanting it to bring healing, peace and connection to oneself.
The key however is that it takes a little practice and repetition to see it's magic. But guarantee, once you 'get it', you wont go back.

Opening your journal will become obvious when you are feeling heightened emotions.
It will become a place to pour out you worries and thoughts and document your desires and dreams
It will be the place you choose to go to work things out and get things out.
It will be the place where you begin to hear 'her' whisper.

     They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and I am going to help you do it.

    What is 'She Whispers'?

    A group of women wanting to connect with themselves. Lets go on a 21 day journey into journalling and allow yourself to be immersed into a world you didn't know you had inside of you.

    Here's what you get:

    • On Friday 12th February, I will kick off with the first of 21 live videos as we embark on our journaling journey. Catch it live or catch the replay.
    • Each day after journaling, I will talk you through what's on my mind and how I processed it in my journal, inspiring you to go and do the same.
    • Daily journal prompts for when you find it tricky to get started and help you get going if you are feeling stuck.
    • Fortnightly group zoom session where I will provide on the spot coaching and guidance and you too have the opportunity to share. Catch it live or watch the replay. 

    This will all be held in a private Facebook group, an amazing space to share our challenges, blocks, questions and breakthroughs. 

    Follow this link and join us for 21 days for $21.
    Thereafter,  if you choose to continue on this journey, the cost is $35 per month and you cancel anytime.

    Treat yourself to a beautiful journal and pen and I'll you there.