ADORNED- My Ladies

 A Creative Women’s Circle
Women need connection and not to feel isolated.
 Women need support and not to feel alone.
 Women need to feel understood and not just 'heard'
 Women need to feel heard and not just 'listened to'
 Women need a sacred space to just unravel and not be judged.
 Women need to share and contibute and not to focus purely on themselves.
Adorned is a women's gathering like no other.
It's fortnightly. It's virtual. It's creative.
Each session we will gather from the comfort of our own home and make jewellery together. We will connect, share our stories and lift eachother up. We will laugh and we might cry but we will support eachother from a distance.
As wives. Girlfriends. Friends. Mothers. Sisters. Daughters.
As women.
Every second Monday at 8pm.
$45 pcm
You can unsubscribe at anytime but I know you wont want to go.
Each month you will get the various findings you need to make a selection of gorgeous items!

The first kit will include everything you need to create:
A beautiful keyring with charm and tassel
2 pairs of stud earrings 
A pair of dangles/hoops etc
Toh ether will adorn ourselves inside and out as we create beautiful jewellery
and enrich our souls with beautiful connections,
moments and bits of wisdom.


To join us and get your kit in the post,  all you need to do is hit Subscribe Now.

Once you have joined, please join this private Facebook group.

Women are story tellers and story sharers.  Its no surprise that women's only gatherings have been taking place for centuries. It's also no surprise that in today's world we need these now more than ever.  We need a special time and place to nourish our magic.