1-on-1 Creative Container

What happens when we work together?
Ideas flow, you get inspired and together we create magic.

So many women are sitting on ideas and afraid to take the next step. It’s bloody scary.
I KNOW how scary it is.
I KNOW how it feels to not know what the hell you're doing.I KNOW the overwhelm and I definitely know the insecurities and worries.
What I also KNOW, is that ‘winning’ feeling. That feeling of loving what you are doing, your product or your service. It’s the best!

I want to help by giving you the courage to get over your business barriers creatively with confidence and style.

The way we will work?

We will begin our time together with a 45 minute zoom call where you tell me everything.
From then on you will have me in your back pocket for for your desired length of time via the walkie talkie app, Voxer.
Together we will inspire and brainstorm and I will be there to answer questions, bounce ideas and ensure you stay connected to your dream. When confidence dips, which rest assured it will, I will be there to support you.

1 Week- $222
  2 Weeks- $422
   4 Weeks- $822 

Yes, you have access to google but this stuff is not ‘googleable’. It’s going to be much more than that. Its about confidence and creativity and believing in yourself and what you are bringing to the world.
If you are wondering if this experience is for you, send me a message and lets connect.