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Creativity is a TOOL not a Prize

 I have always known that I loved being creative. From early childhood I remember working on little DIY projects from my bedroom, turning the boring into the beautiful. I remember staying up late at night to finish art projects in high school, something I would never have had the drive to do with other subjects. I remember that buzz. That adrenaline filled, bubbling feeling you get in your chest when you allow yourself to be deeply immersed in an activity and succeed in creating a result. As I grew up however, something changed in the way I saw creativity. It didn't seem to have any real point. There was no meaningful outcome in comparison to the real world problems....

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I found my FLOW

I used to think of getting creative as a distraction. A momentary break from the reality of life. Now, I think of it as a tool in my toolbelt for navigating real life. Once you realise this, you are grateful. You will thank God for creativity! Or the Universe, or whatever you believe. Trust me. For as long as I remember I have struggled to deal with my emotions. Anxiety and depression have reared their ugly heads at different times throughout my life leaving me feeling like a 'basket case' with no ability to control my emotions. As someone who is highly sensitive to those around me, it’s an added burden when things around me get tough.   I FEEL...

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