The Loopy Hoop Kit (2 for $33 each/ 4 for $27 each)

The Loopy Hoop Kit (2 for $33 each/ 4 for $27 each)

Regular price $38.00

  This kit includes everything needed to make:

a pair of 20mm stainless steel hoops with 
interchangeable 12mm charms,
a pair of 30mm stainless steel hoops with
interchangeable 12mm charms,
a BONUS pair of interchangeable 12mm charms and
a pair of hypoallergenic stud earrings
Additional items can be added onto the kit for $5.

Included each kit is:

Easy to follow instructions
A selection of fabrics

Adults love these kits, as do kids. I have had children as young as 7 make beautiful jewellery independently however some may require a little assistance with the cutting part of the process than others.

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WARNING: Due to the fact that the kit contains small items, jewellery glue and glaze, keep out of reach of children! Please ensure all children are supervised when using this kit!