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Flourish- 6 week jewellery making course for girls
Flourish- 6 week jewellery making course for girls

Flourish- 6 week jewellery making course for girls

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Flourish (v) : [to grow luxuriantly, or thrive in growth]

In today's world we are programmed to seek
outside validation.
 By the time our girls get old enough to use social media,
they are likely to already be measuring their worth by comparing
themselves to others, rather than looking at the gold inside
and getting to know themselves.
But now, we know better.
We know that creativity is an empowering tool.
We know that practising looking inward results in a stronger connection to ones self.
We want our girls to thrive and blossom and flourish.
We want them to explore their creativity and try new things that will empower them.
We want them to get to know themselves early on, realise their value and find their superpowers.
When they are presented with challenges or
thrown curveballs, we want them to know who they are and follow their inner guidance, their gut,
their intuition.

As a result, Flourish is so much more than a jewellery making course for girls.
Instead, it is a 6 week experience where personal devepment and creativity work in harmony to connect her with herself and others. 
I will teach the girls an amazing, mesmerizing and easy technique to make beautiful, one of a kind pieces of jewellery.
As we create, we will dive into topics such as values, self limiting beliefs, self worth and listening to our inner voice.
Along with their DIY jewellery kit, girls will also receive a journal so that with the help of journal prompts, they can start tuning in and listening to whats inside.
Classes will be presented via zoom one afternoon a week and replays will be available.
Girls will also have access to a private messenger kids group to maintain connection.
Once you have secured her spot, the girls will receive a special delivery in the mail which will carry the following.


 💓A large diy jewellery making kit to include 16 items to make in our sessions.

A Large bagtag with a tassel and charm

A small bagtag with a tassel and charm
5 pairs of hypoallergenic studs in choice of 3 sizes
A 25mm pendant necklace on a long ball chain
A 12mm pendant necklace on a fine chain
2 Hair ties


💓A journal and a pen (our first creative session will involve creating covers for our journals.)


The course is suitable for ages 8+  and starts Wednesday 10th February (If you have a weekday preference, please get in touch)

There is a multiple spot discount available should you have two girls from the same household who wish to join in together.

Any questions please dont hesitate to get in touch.